Defensive Tactics and Training llc.


Personal Self Defense Training
Learn to defend yourself without a weapon.  Great skill for everyone to know.  Maybe you don't feel comfortable carrying a firearm or maybe your in a place where you can't carry your firearm.
Will you be prepared for an attack and will you be able to defend yourself. 
You have people who depend on you and you need the skills to survive, learn them with us at Defensive Tactics and Training.
Learn to defend yourself without a weapon.  Men, Women and teenage children all can benefit from this training.

Gun Safety Course
Basic gun safety Wisconsin CCW 4 hour course. This course has no live fire section.

Basic Firearms
Offering NRA Basic Pistol Course, which will meet and surpass the Wisconsin requirement for Concealed Carry Training.  Learn gun safety, Proper gun handling, Stance, Grip, Sight alignment, Trigger control, Breathing and Wisconsin State Statutes pertaining to firearms and self defense.  This course involves live fire at a gun range.

Combat Pistol
Learn moving while shooting, Cover and concealment, Malfunction drills, Speed drills, Speed reloads, Room clearing and Shooting from different positions.

Rifle Course
Shooting from different positions and distances, proper trigger control and breathing.

Shotgun Course
Learn defensive shotgun shooting for home defense. Sight alignment and trigger control.

Taser Course
Not Comfortable with a firearm?
Consider an Electronic Control Device (ECD) such a Taser International unit. Just like the Police use, but geared for the civilian. The Taser course will give you the basics for gun safety required by the State of Wisconsin for the CCW permit and the complete Taser Civilian Course.

Why Stop There?
Remember that you must use the skills you learned or you will lose them. For every skill we must complete the task 3000-5000 times before it becomes ingrained into our brains to become a reactionary / instinctive skill. This could be as simple as loading a magazine with ammunition to drawing from a holster. Perfect practice makes perfect. Training helps get you there.

After you complete the “Basic Firearms” Course, continue learning by completing DTT's Advanced Pistol Course which will pick up where the NRA's Basic Pistol Course leaves off. Shoot more, less class. Time to increase your skill set. Learn to shoot faster at different distances.

Follow that up with Combat Pistol, get your blood flowing, some stress shooting, test your skills and abilities. This course will help you survive a street situation, by realizing what your body goes through during a high stress encounter.