Who is Defensive Tactics and Training?
JD Belongia is a State of Wisconsin Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Civilian Taser (ECD) Instructor and a NRA Pistol Instructor. He is offering his experience and knowledge of firearms, law and personal defense techniques to you. He will provide training from basic to advanced in pistol, rifle, Taser and shotgun. Training not only consists of firearms handling and live fire training, but Wisconsin State laws as they pertain to concealed carry. You have to know what to do; before, during and after a self defense scenario.
Why take a class that you only shoot at a paper target. Get training for the real world so you will be prepared for any situation that may occur.

Defensive Tactics and Training llc.


Experienced Instruction makes the difference! 

Get the self defense training you need with Defensive Tactics and Training.  Training for the real world from the law that will protect you after a self defensive scenario to acquiring the skills needed to survive an encounter.  Offering training in Hand to Hand, Pistol, Concealed Carry, Rifle and Shotgun.  Get the real training here.
Self Defense and Hand to Hand training, Concealed Carry Training, Pistol Training, Electronic Control Device (Taser) Training, Rifle Training and Shotgun Training.

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